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10K Relay


Two-Person Half Marathon Relay

A team of two runners will complete the entire half marathon distance. Each runner will run one leg of varying distance (approx. 6.55 miles) handing off their team's race bib to their partner at the midway point in the race.  The course is the same as the half marathon course. The handoff point will be clearly marked with flags and cones and the handoffs must occur within this zone.  Porta-Potties will be available at the relay point!


Start Time: 7:00 am


The overall winner will be awarded in this division.

Race Bib

All team members are required to wear the race bib visible on their front. Only ONE race bib will be provided to each team. 


ALL RELAY ENTRANTS MUST USE THEIR OWN TRANSPORTATION!  All parking must be in legal Spots.  The course is not closed to traffic. There will be congestion in several areas. Allow plenty of time and be careful!

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