Longboards-which one is best for riding!

Longboards are not only come in use for the fun part, but it helps in going towards professionalism also. There are many boards available some are good for fun, and on the other side, some are good for the professionalism also. If you are looking for the one which will go according to the requirement of longboard for beginners, then it is must to know about different types. In the post, we will go to discuss those different types, so now make the best search.




There are 4 types of longboards are available in the market. But if someone is asking for the boards which suit the beginners, then only 2 will go with it. Those boards are:-


Cruise is the one longboard which is really very much popular among people. It helps to distribute the weight of the body accordingly without getting flexible on its extreme.

Drop down

The drop down longboard is extremely stable whose deck is little closer to the ground. These kinds of drop down decks help the feet and legs to make a move easier of the longboard. It makes the person push the longboard in a good manner. Another main reason to choose this longboard is its shape which helps the riding to make better. This type of longboard is more versatile as compared to the cruise ones.

Drop through

If someone is planning to ride for the down hills then drop through will be a great choice to pick up. When the board goes down, then its speed is very dangerous which is not so easy to deal with.



Top mount

This longboard comes in use for dancing and board-walking which is made for the purpose of freestyle skating and trick performing. It is the longboard which is made for the professional working.

So one can choose the best longboard for beginners and for the pro person also after knowing about the different types.

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