What is the best way to sleep on a memory foam pillow?

Sleep is something we all love and do every single night. It is one of the most important processes our bodies need to go through in order to recover from our day to day activities. A lot of our bodily functions are reseted and repaired during sleep. But the problem is a lot of us suffer from sleep deprivation because of uncomfortable mattresses or pillows. Memory foam pillows can help get better sleep through proper posture, especially if you know best way to sleep on a memory foam pillow.



Generally, memory foam pillows are made the same way with only slight differences. It works by conforming to your head and neck whenever you put pressure on the pillow.  The best way to sleep on a memory foam pillow is by laying the flat side of the pillow on the bed, with the larger part of the two curves pointing to down or to the foot of your bed. This orientation will give you the best support for your head and neck, even if you sleep on your side or your back.



It takes a bit of time for the pillow to “break in”. You might need to wait a couple of minutes for it to conform to your head and neck through the heat coming from your body. So each time you change position, it takes a bit of time to adjust again. When the foam gets cold, the foam gets stiff. When it gets warm through your body heat, that’s when it starts to conform to your body. Although, for stomach sleepers, a memory foam pillow is not ideal as it can put too much strain on your neck which can cause neck pain and headaches.




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